How to post to multiple groups on facebook | AUTOMATED


how to post to multiple groups on facebook

how to post to multiple groups on facebook

Its time to post for me to show you how to post to multiple groups on facebook on one single click. All you need to do is prepare the list file with facebook groups and this free tool will post to multiple groups on Facebook. Dont worry, we will show you how to get links to all your facebook groups and how to filter the list to your needed groups. This method will get traffic to your links in few clicks. If you have any question about this free tool make sure to comment it below and if you want to take it to the next level make sure to Contact Us


Method 1 On how to post to multiple groups on facebook

This video is about how to post to multiple Facebook groups at once 2021. As of February 2021 Facebook have removed this feature, so here is a automated software that will post to multiple Facebook group at once on 2021.

To do this first of all, you need to watch the video above. Once you understood how to post to multiple groups using the software click the link below to download Facebook groups software.
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The Social Auto Poster software is not created by US and some of the users have found that this software is difficult to post to multiple Facebook groups at once, So I have created a new software (Which I will explain in below). However you can download Social Auto Poster software and give it a try. Ensure to check up to bottom of this post to see our facebook post poster.

This software is outdated (still works with chrome V89), and we recommend to use software below (Method 2)

    Download the Social Auto Poster (Including FB Grp Poster)

    Method 2 on how to post to multiple groups on facebook (New Method)

      The above video on Facebook group poster uses little outdated software, This is why I decided what if I coded a program like this on my own. So I started the Facebook group poster project on programming language PYTHON and created a Facebook grp poster with much more features and it is so simple. This program can

    • Post Text
    • Post Multiple Images
    • Post Multiple Video’s
    • Simple txt file upload
    • Etc…

      Now if you want to know how to use this software check the video below. If this guide helps make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel.  

    As you can see in this software, You can post to multiple Facebook groups with photo or even video’s. But the thing to note is that these are the automation scripts I have created based on the Facebook website. In future if they change the coding on the website we might need to update the program as well. This is why I decided to share the source code of my python script. However, if you don’t know the coding, no need to worry just download the program using below form and run it.

    Pro version and free version

    The Facebook group poster designed with us will have two version, A free version, that you can download without providing any payment details. The paid version need to be purchased for $15. However, there are always sale’s going at zaarm tech, so make sure to grab it, while it is in sale. Also you can get coupon code by completing specific task at zaarm tech. Make sure to follow us at and to get coupons for the products we sell at

    Recently, I have added all features in pro version to free version. The free version will have limitation. However, you can try the free version before purchasing the full version. If you cant to get some more info on pro version and a coupon code watch below video.

    Get free or paid version

    => Added UTF-8 Icon & emoji support to post text (check readme file you get when you download the program for details)

    => Get all your facebook groups to a text file (If you want all your group details with names of group check Facebook Group Extractor)

    => Better error handling and logging

    => Clear the images and groups without closing the program (This way you dont need to login if you decide to change the .txt or images to post)

    => Basic Facebook Group Posting

    => Can post to less than 5 groups as this is to show you a demo

    => Cannot post Icons (If your post text contains any icons or emoji the program will fail

    Click add to cart from one of the product above to download the facebook group poster by zaarmtech

    If you are looking for a web interface with some additional features check Online Facebook & LinkedIn group poster | AUTOMATION

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    Why stop with free version, What’s new in PRO version

    Recently, I have added all features of pro version to the free version. Right now, the only limitation in free version is that it will limit the number of groups you can post. We want to let you try the software before purchasing.

    Can I buy traffic to my social media?

    Basically the reoson you need a facebook group poster is to get traffic. And more importantly free traffic. If you want to achieve this without using facebook groups, the most common thing is to check The first and most important thing is not to buy any just random bot traffic. You could use different google ads or Facebook ads to drive traffic. If you want a cheaper one check our article on How to buy social media marketing? Cheapest SMM

    The Source Code

    This code is written in program language known as python. So to run this script you will need Download Python and setup your PC. You might also want to download some code editor if you want.


    To run the above code ensure your have python installed and added to path. To run the script you need to open CMD and type “python ‘'” and hit enter. Once again you dont need to do this if you are not a python developer. You can always download .exe