The first and most important thing is that, this is not our Facebook group poster. If you want to get our software for facebook group posting check How to post to multiple groups on facebook | AUTOMATED. GP Group poster is a website which helps to post to facebook group groups.

The main difference between our facebook group poster pro and GP Group Poster is that we have a software that run on windows, and GP Group Poster is a website.

Which is better, our software or GP Group Poster

Well, this is a debatable question, as different people prefer different methods. Our software is a simple tool we built, while GP Group Poster is a little bit advanced tools. Lets see the main difference in these both facebook group poster

Facebook Group Poster PRO (By us)GP Group Poster
=> Can Upload Image=> They are already working on the upload image feature
=> Can post only to Facebook groups=> Can post both Facebook and LinkedIn groups
=> Runs on only windows=> Can use with any device with chrome
=> Cheap (both free & paid($9 one-time fee) version)=> Expensive (($9 monthly) ($99 one-time fee))
=> Provides support using email & Facebook messenger=> Provides support using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
Difference between our facebook group poster & GP Group Poster

Now I think this is enough about difference’s of both tools, So lets focus on GP Group Poster. If you want to know about our facebook group poster as I mentioned go to How to post to multiple groups on facebook | AUTOMATED

What’s GP Group Poster & How it works

GP Group poster is a chrome browser extension for anyone to post their content automatically to any facebook and linkedIn group. Once you have purchased GP Group Poster, you will receive the access details and instruction to use the tool. Basically all you need to do is go to google web store, click on the add to chrome button and log in to the extension using the access details you recieved, when you completed your purchase, and then start posting.

Do I need to be an admin of the group

Well, In the facebook and linkdlin you do not need to be an admin to post content. If you navigate to the group from the normal your browser and if you are having the permission to post to that group, Then there is nothing that stops you from posting using GP group Poster.

GP Group Poster

Do they offer a free trial or refund?

The short answer is no, The GP Group Poster is a professional website, but as for everyone they have down time, espicially with tools like this. So before purchasing I recommend that you contact their support and check if everything is OK or not.

Their live support will be available using facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

According to them they do not offer free trial or refund because:

1. Due to the importance of LinkedIn & Facebook Groups posting they allow serious businesses only to use their tool.

2. GP Group Poster offer enables you to apply powerful marketing techniques for business.

3. To protect the Networks from spam and abuse, they are not providing longer Free trials and refunds anymore.

As a creator of similar tools like this, I undertsand this. For a service like this its difficult to offer free trials as expenses of hosting are high.

PS: You can get our tool free version.

Click here or check below for GP group poster webite

GP Group Poster