File Transfer Protocol: Its working and Importance

There are certain protocols that you need to take care of while transferring something. In terms of technology, these protocols have utmost importance. File Transfer Protocol is one of those network protocols which is associated with the transmission of files between different computers using IP connections.

In such transactions, the terms used commonly are Local Host (end user’s PC) and Remote Host (a server). If both the setups aren’t connected with the help of a network, there is no way for you to transfer the files. Servers need to run FTP services and the software should also be installed in both the computers.

There are other protocols as well which one can use in this regard. But mostly for banking services, only FTP is a suitable option. It also helps to download apps using the browser.

Let’s take a look at how FTP works and what’s its importance.

 Working of FTP

There are two main channels through which client and server communicate using FTP. One of them is Command Channel which is there to control the conversation. While the other one is Data Channel which helps to transmit the files.

File transfer happens via FTP in the following way:

The user must be logged in to the server to make the entire content or some part of it available on FTP.

User sends a request then for downloading the file. That’s how the communication between client and server starts.

FTP allows the client to delete, move, rename, download or copy a file on the server.

Apart from that, there are two modes in which FTP works:

·       Active Mode

Once the session between them starts, a data connection is created by the server and data transfer starts. This is what we call Active mode.

·       Passive Mode

Server uses command channel for sending the relevant information to client, which will ultimately allow the client to open data channel. Passive mode usually deals with the client because it has to start the connections.

Here is a picture that will tell you the difference between Active and Passive modes clearly.

File Transfer Protocol: Its working and Importance
File Transfer Protocol: Its working and Importance

Simple command-line interfaces are enough for a user to work with File Transfer Protocol. And these interfaces are available in Windows, Linux and Apple macOS. As mentioned earlier, some web browsers are also capable of working as the clients for FTP.

Importance and Uses of FTP

FTP allows the transfer of heavy and expansive files across different IP networks. But there are other ways to do it also, we can send the files using HTTP service or through email. But the only thing that keeps FTP into play is the focus and control which is important also. Moreover, the precision it offers is second to none which is why most banking and other services use FTP to keep their data secure as well as under control.

Following are the uses of FTP that will let you know about its importance even more.

·       Backup

Sometimes, cyber criminals attack the websites and there evolves a chance that the company or user will end up losing all the data. For that, you must have data in backup for your company or system to keep working even after such attacks. So, users or backup services may use FTP to transfer the data to a more secure location where it is safe and away from the range of cyberbullying.

·       Replication

Replication is quite similar to backup, it also involves the transfer of data to keep it somewhere else also. But this method requires an even better approach for providing greater resilience and availability. File Transfer Protocol helps in this regard as well.

·       Access

You may also use FTP for web hosting and for data loading on remote systems. Such services aren’t offered by many other protocols which is why FTP is an automatic choice when it comes to these.

Let’s take a look at the types of this network protocol.

Types of  File Transfer Protocol

These types are simply the ways of sharing the files between a client and server.

·       Anonymous FTP

The basics of FTP start from here because you’re allowed to transfer the data without even mentioning the username or password. If you want to download something that doesn’t refrain from unrestricted distribution, just go for this option.

·       Password-Protected type

This one is similar to anonymous FTP but you need to enter a valid username along with password to make it work. But it isn’t guaranteed that the service will be secure. Port 21 is the only platform where it works.

·       FTP-SSL

FTP-SSL enables a security layer just after the connection between client and server is established. This ultimately helps in secured transfer of data which is usually what you want as a client. This mainly works on Port 990.

·       FTPES

The Transport Security Layer is also available with this kind of FTP but it is done by making the connection an encrypted one rather than simple FTP connection. Different Web hosting services use this kind of FTP to ensure that the data being transferred stays secure.

·       SFTP

Technically, most professionals don’t consider it an FTP protocol but since its working is similar to FTP, it is considered to be one of its types. Secure File Transfer Protocol is simply a part of Secure Shell Protocol which works on Port 22 only. SSH helps the administrators to access different applications and systems while SFTP offers a mechanism through which data transfer occurs in the most suitable way.


FTP was started back in 1970s and it has been updated quite a few times after its arrival. These updates were mainly brought to help different technologies accommodate according to the circumstances and to ensure that the data transferred among different companies stays safe. The encryption of FTP with FTPS or FTPES guarantees you the security of your data by not allowing any attacker to attack the site in order to have the data needed to run the system. All   in all, FTP is something really valuable and it has proved its worth many a times over the years.

Faceless Video guide

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Basically, a laptop or MacBook with an internet connection is fine. Some software’s I use costs a one-time small fee. I recommended paying a small one-time fee and doing it, however, you can also use alternative software also.

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Step 2

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How to extract all your facebook group links, icons etc…

How to extract all your facebook group links
How to extract all your facebook group links

Just In case if you want to get all your facebook group links, or the id of the groups, You can use this tool (which will be introduced to later in this blog post) to get those information to a excel or csv file. We have made this process so easy. This tool also extract name, description and even the icon of the facebook groups you have joined.

To Extract facebook group links, run the app and sign in to your facebook account in the opened chrome window. Then on the app, click extract button and see that all your Facebooks group details written to a csv file created at the same directory as program.

What details Can I Extract from facebook groups?

This tool we created have basically 2 option when it comes to extracting facebook groups. The first one only extract the links of facebook groups you have joined to a text (txt) file. We added this option because, this format is required to use in our facebook group poster pro. However, if you are extracting for that program, we recommend to select the option described below.

The second option which can be selected in the tool, will extract name, description, icon photo link and the link to the group itself to a csv (excel) file. This option contains everything we offer to extract in this program. If you want a custom extractor contact us, so we can quote a price.

How to use facebook group extractor?

The facebook groups extractor is a simple software, All you need to do is select the option you would like (we described available 2 options above) and click start. To be honest you would not need a video guide, but here is a full guide video for you.

Video Guide

How to extract facebook group icon?

The software extracts the facebook group icon links to a csv file. The csv file will contain the direct icon as png or jpeg file. It will be a link to icon. Paste the link in any browser and you will be redirected to the icon. Now you can right click and save the icon as an image file.

Manually downloading each icon might be time consuming. With a simple script and the csv file you can automate this task in minutes. At the moment we do not have a separate tutorial for that, but hopefully we will but a one soon.

How to download facebook extractor for FREE?

Click the above Add to cart button to download this software. Right now the software is not for free, But there is a chance you can get it for free. Earn the free points and use those points to pay for the software. This software is eligible for refund, under the terms and condition.

How does the extracted csv file look like?

How to extract facebook groups
How to extract facebook groups

The extracted csv file will contains rows and columns with the details of the groups you have joined. This program will only extract the details from the groups you have joined only. Once the program finishes extracting the facebook groups, you can open the csv file and edit the csv to any way you want. For example you can use the find and replace tool in excel to extract the only id of the group by editing the link field.

How to accept payment by credit card with a link | GET PAID INSTANTLY

how to accept payment by credit cards with a link
how to accept payment by credit cards with a link

If you are from a small country like me that doesn’t support PayPal or Stripe, Getting paid online will be a pain in ass. I have researched the internet a lot to accept payments by credit card with a link from clients world wide. There are lot offering this service but somehow I do not meet minimum requirement (country or traffic). So Today I am going to share you a method on how to accept payment by credit card with a link from anyone with a payment card. The only requirement is for you to have a valid passport, you do not need a website or traffic to get approval. For this service we will use a virtual bank called DukasCopy which has a lot of cool features.

To accept payment by credit card go to your account and click request. This will prompt you to enter the amount you like to receive. Once you enter send request, it will give you a link to accept payment by credit card. Share this link and get paid online from anyone with a credit or debit card.

Please note that this request option will be visible only on mobile app. Also check other post from my My Blog

Download DukasCopy Connect App.

How to accept payment by credit card with a link
How to accept payment by credit card with a link

The first thing you need to do is go to playstore or appstore and download DukasCopy 911 app. Also you can download mobile bank also, But to open you need to use Dukascopy Connect 911 App. The mobile bank app can be used once you complete the registration. On the registration use the code V46-AR8 to get 5 DukasCoin (Can be converted to dollar).

How to open your virtual bank account

How to open a dukascopy account
How to open a dukascopy account

Now you have successfully installed the 911 app, Open the app and fill the required form. The form will contain basic question, ensure that you write your name and details, as exactly in your passport, because like any other bank, dukascopy bank is going to verify that information.

The last step is the video verification. Don’t panic, its just a two minute call where they take a live picture of you with your passport to verify that you are a real person. Its completely normal for any banking system. They wont be asking much of a question, but they may ask your name to verify that you are not a bot.

What are the features of Dukascopy bank

Now that you have completed all steps, within an hour you will receive an email with confirmation. Now you can login to your dukas account using web or mobile app. The dukascopy will work just like any other bank. You can create visa or master card to spend on online store or even deposit or withdraw from popular services like skrill or neteller.

The best features of dukascopy bank include:

  • Supports 20+ Currencies
  • Exchange currencies
  • Get paid from anyone with a payment card
  • Deposit or withdraw using Payment card, Bank Transfer, Skrill & Neteller
  • Virtual Master and Visa Card
  • Online bank statements
  • etc…

Live Proof

Accepting payment by credit card is very easy in DukasCopy bank. You can request money from anyone by sending a link, But this option can be seeing in the mobile app only at the time of writing this post. You can always visit the web and check if that option is there or not, But for me I couldnt find it.

On your mobile open swiss bank app, In the Accounts tab you should see a button with text of “request”. Click this button enter the amount you want and click send request to generate a unique URL you can send to your customers to start accepting payment by credit card with a link. Please note that this link will expire in 7 days.

Create your virtual Master or Visa Card to spend it

Now that you have learnt how to accept payment by credit card with a link, lets focus on how you can withdraw or spent it. The app has bank transfer option, so you can always transfer this funds to your local bank using swift transfer. But the DukasCopy have a great feature, that lets you create master or visa cards.

On the cards tab select plus button to create your payment card. You can get a virtual card or even a physical card which will be delivered to your address. Furthermore, you can also select whether you want a visa card or master card. Please note that for each card you create, you need to pay about 20 USD as a one time fee.

The Dukascopy bank have integrated the skrill and neteller to their banking system. This mean you can easily deposit or withdraw to your skrill and neteller account in seconds.

A quick important note

As you have just started your dukas account, you will be having a limitation in withdraw or deposit amount. So if you ever run into any limitation send a text to bank using the 911 app we downloaded earlier, so they will increase your limitation.

Online Facebook & LinkedIn group poster | AUTOMATION

The first and most important thing is that, this is not our Facebook group poster. If you want to get our software for facebook group posting check How to post to multiple groups on facebook | AUTOMATED. GP Group poster is a website which helps to post to facebook group groups.

The main difference between our facebook group poster pro and GP Group Poster is that we have a software that run on windows, and GP Group Poster is a website.

Which is better, our software or GP Group Poster

Well, this is a debatable question, as different people prefer different methods. Our software is a simple tool we built, while GP Group Poster is a little bit advanced tools. Lets see the main difference in these both facebook group poster

Facebook Group Poster PRO (By us)GP Group Poster
=> Can Upload Image=> They are already working on the upload image feature
=> Can post only to Facebook groups=> Can post both Facebook and LinkedIn groups
=> Runs on only windows=> Can use with any device with chrome
=> Cheap (both free & paid($9 one-time fee) version)=> Expensive (($9 monthly) ($99 one-time fee))
=> Provides support using email & Facebook messenger=> Provides support using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger
Difference between our facebook group poster & GP Group Poster

Now I think this is enough about difference’s of both tools, So lets focus on GP Group Poster. If you want to know about our facebook group poster as I mentioned go to How to post to multiple groups on facebook | AUTOMATED

What’s GP Group Poster & How it works

GP Group poster is a chrome browser extension for anyone to post their content automatically to any facebook and linkedIn group. Once you have purchased GP Group Poster, you will receive the access details and instruction to use the tool. Basically all you need to do is go to google web store, click on the add to chrome button and log in to the extension using the access details you recieved, when you completed your purchase, and then start posting.

Do I need to be an admin of the group

Well, In the facebook and linkdlin you do not need to be an admin to post content. If you navigate to the group from the normal your browser and if you are having the permission to post to that group, Then there is nothing that stops you from posting using GP group Poster.

GP Group Poster

Do they offer a free trial or refund?

The short answer is no, The GP Group Poster is a professional website, but as for everyone they have down time, espicially with tools like this. So before purchasing I recommend that you contact their support and check if everything is OK or not.

Their live support will be available using facebook messenger and WhatsApp.

According to them they do not offer free trial or refund because:

1. Due to the importance of LinkedIn & Facebook Groups posting they allow serious businesses only to use their tool.

2. GP Group Poster offer enables you to apply powerful marketing techniques for business.

3. To protect the Networks from spam and abuse, they are not providing longer Free trials and refunds anymore.

As a creator of similar tools like this, I undertsand this. For a service like this its difficult to offer free trials as expenses of hosting are high.

PS: You can get our tool free version.

Click here or check below for GP group poster webite

GP Group Poster

How to find wifi password of every network you ever connected?

How to find wifi password
How to find wifi password

First of all its not hacking. We are going to look into how to find wifi password of the networks that you have previously connected on any machine that run windows. I have tested this on windows 10 and is expected to work on any version of windows. Before you want I am going to break it down to 3 categories or methods to see the password of every wifi network you ever connected.

  • Find wifi password using wireless properties.
  • Find wifi password using our program.
  • Find wifi password using cmd

Find wifi password using wireless properties

Image from PCMAG

If you a windows machine you can get into this very easily, without any coding or writing anything on terminal. You just need to follow the steps mentioned below and you are done.

  1. On a Windows PC that’s connected to your Wi-Fi network, do one of the following, depending on which version of Windows is running on your PC:
    • On Windows 11, select the Start button, type control panel, then select Control Panel > Network and Internet  > Network and Sharing Center.
    • On Windows 10, select the Start button, then select Settings  > Network & Internet  > Status  > Network and Sharing Center.
    • On Windows 8.1 or 7, search for Network and, then select Network and Sharing Center from the list of results.
      To learn how to find out which version of Windows you have, see Which Windows operating system am I running?
  2. In Network and Sharing Center, next to Connections, select your Wi-Fi network name.
  3. In Wi-Fi Status, select Wireless Properties.
  4. In Wireless Network Properties, select the Security tab, then select the Show characters check box.
    Your Wi-Fi network password is displayed in the Network security key box.

This is explained on Microsoft it self.

Find wifi password using our program

It might sound like you have to do a lot of thing, But all you need to do is run our program, and it will give you a text file with all your wifi passwords. This is very helpful if you want to get it done very soon.

Download our Wi-Fi Password Extractor

Find wifi passsword using CMD

If you prefer not to install extra software, you can find the password from the Windows Command Prompt.

  1. Open Command Prompt (CMD). You can do this by searching for cmd in start menue, and open the app as Administrator
  2. Run the command “netsh wlan show profile
  3. Chose the network you want password from the list you are seeing on the screen
  4. Run the command netsh wlan show profile YourNetwork key=clear

(Replace the YourNetwork with the name you found earlier in step 3)

Now you will see a lot of detail about the selected network. Under those details you will find a “Key Content” as your password.

You can find these details on my other post also Steps: View password of previously connected Wifi networks