Make Payments with Your Eyes Using Apple’s Mixed Reality Headset

Make Payments with Your Eyes Using Apple's Mixed Reality Headset

Just imagine this. You go to a restaurant, and when it’s time for payment, You can make payments with your eyes. Well, it’s not something we can achieve now, but it could be something that we might be able to do in the near future. Apple is always on the forefront of technology and their latest development is no different. The new mixed reality headset will reportedly make payments with your eyes. But how does this work and when can I buy one of these? 

Keep watching to find out more. If you are new here, make sure that you like this video and subscribe to the channel for more information like this. With that being said, let’s see how this apple’s mixed reality headset can make payments using your eyes.

Apple is working on a mixed reality headset that will reportedly use iris scanning for logins and payments. According to The Information, the headset will be able to track your eyes to verify your identity and make payments.

This could be a game-changer for virtual and augmented reality. With Apple’s technology, you could make secure payments without ever taking your headset off.

This virtual reality headset that will use iris scanning for logins and payments, according to a new report.The headset is also said to use head-tracking technology and eye-tracking sensors, which would allow users to control the headset with their eyes and gestures.The device is still in development and it’s not clear when it will be released, but according to the rumours, its  expected to release in 2023.

The eye-scanning system is similar to iOS tools like Apple’s fingerprint or Face ID logins, and it would use the device’s many cameras. It would also help differentiate Apple’s offering from its main competitor: the Meta Quest Pro, which the company formerly known as Facebook announced earlier this week. The Quest Pro features inward-facing cameras that can track eye and face motion, but it doesn’t (at least at this point) use them for authentication. According to The Information, Apple will also use downward-facing cameras to capture users’ legs, a part of the body Meta is still figuring out.

Apple’s long-awaited headset is now rumored to be launching in 2023, though the project has been in development for years. Its price tag is tentatively expected to be $3000, which is twice the cost of a high-end headset intended for professionals. Both Apple and Quest Pro reportedly offer augmented reality features by displaying live video from front-facing cameras, instead of holographic AR. However, this does not provide the same fidelity as real-world vision. It seems that a major factor for both companies is recruiting developers to their respective platforms, before the other gains a decisive advantage in the still-emerging field of mixed reality.

So let’s wait till 2023 and find out how exactly this Apple Mixed Reality Headset will make payments using your eyes. 

New Technology Allows You to Talk to the Dead

New Technology Allows You to Talk to the Dead
New Technology Allows You to Talk to the Dead

New technology has arrived that allows you to talk to your dead loved ones, letting you live with them inside your smartphone. The app that allows us to talk to dead is created by the California-based company HereAfter AI, which aims to enable communication between the living and the dead. So exactly how does this technology work, and most importantly is it legit or a scam to get people’s attention!

Ever since science fiction first imagined it, people have wanted to find a way to communicate with the dead. Healthcare providers and spiritualists have been hoping for something like this for decades, and now it is finally becoming a reality. With the advancement of AI and voice technology, this is becoming increasingly accessible.

Our loved ones may be gone, but their digital copies continue to live on. Some people might find this technology creepy or unsettling, but for those who have lost someone close to them, it can be a way to keep their memory alive. Some people say that talking to virtual versions of loved ones who have died could make your grief last longer or make you lose touch with reality, but for many, it is a way to cope with their loss.

The worries are comprehensible. Talking to a digital version of your family members who have died can feel strange. But the individuals who have lost their loved ones can quickly grasp the idea of technology. If it gives you a sense of ease, then there is no issue with doing so.

So exactly How Does the Technology Work?

The App enables users to chat and interact with people from the past or present. The technology sounds like something straight out of an episode of Black Magic. Protocol, a tech news site, was the first to report the news. The App will not only enable you to talk with a deceased friend, celebrity, or historical figure, but also with your deceased family members.

Hereafter AI is able to recognize anyone’s voice and personal information through videos, letters, or voice recordings. This allows smartphones and other smart devices to interact with the bot in a more efficient way. Rather than having entirely new conversations every time, Hereafter AI keeps track of a person’s life story.

The biggest issue with a lot of grief tech is that it’s too vague. The voice may resemble someone you know, but they lack the personal connection. They’ll respond in the same way no matter who’s talking to them. Asking the same question will result in hearing the same response over and over.

As Rohit Prasad, Alexa’s senior vice president said, while AI cannot eliminate the pain of loss, it can definitely make the memories last.

So what do you think of this new app? Is this an app that you will use or not? Let us know in the comment section below.