Make Payments with Your Eyes Using Apple's Mixed Reality Headset

Just imagine this. You go to a restaurant, and when it’s time for payment, You can make payments with your eyes. Well, it’s not something we can achieve now, but it could be something that we might be able to do in the near future. Apple is always on the forefront of technology and their latest development is no different. The new mixed reality headset will reportedly make payments with your eyes. But how does this work and when can I buy one of these? 

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Apple is working on a mixed reality headset that will reportedly use iris scanning for logins and payments. According to The Information, the headset will be able to track your eyes to verify your identity and make payments.

This could be a game-changer for virtual and augmented reality. With Apple’s technology, you could make secure payments without ever taking your headset off.

This virtual reality headset that will use iris scanning for logins and payments, according to a new report.The headset is also said to use head-tracking technology and eye-tracking sensors, which would allow users to control the headset with their eyes and gestures.The device is still in development and it’s not clear when it will be released, but according to the rumours, its  expected to release in 2023.

The eye-scanning system is similar to iOS tools like Apple’s fingerprint or Face ID logins, and it would use the device’s many cameras. It would also help differentiate Apple’s offering from its main competitor: the Meta Quest Pro, which the company formerly known as Facebook announced earlier this week. The Quest Pro features inward-facing cameras that can track eye and face motion, but it doesn’t (at least at this point) use them for authentication. According to The Information, Apple will also use downward-facing cameras to capture users’ legs, a part of the body Meta is still figuring out.

Apple’s long-awaited headset is now rumored to be launching in 2023, though the project has been in development for years. Its price tag is tentatively expected to be $3000, which is twice the cost of a high-end headset intended for professionals. Both Apple and Quest Pro reportedly offer augmented reality features by displaying live video from front-facing cameras, instead of holographic AR. However, this does not provide the same fidelity as real-world vision. It seems that a major factor for both companies is recruiting developers to their respective platforms, before the other gains a decisive advantage in the still-emerging field of mixed reality.

So let’s wait till 2023 and find out how exactly this Apple Mixed Reality Headset will make payments using your eyes.