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If you have any question about a tutorial or a video I posted, Please use comment section to ask question. This way the whole community will be helped.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    Where can I watch video's for these tutorials?

    You can always go to our youtube channel to watch tutorial for free. Most of these tutorial will have a video version there. Check the link in home page

    Is all of this legal?

    I tried to post tutorial on how to do it in legal way, However for different parts of world there might be a some laws that prohibit some actions. So use everything at your own risk.

    How do I subscribe to latest updates?

    You could find the subscribtion section on About page. Furthermore if you download any resource from the website, we might ask for email, which we will send updates!

    How do I Hire you?

    You can submit contact form above with details, and we will get back to you with a acceptable price. You can also send email to