how to reduce multiple photo size at once without losing quality

how to reduce multiple photo size at once

how to reduce multiple photo size at once without losing quality

how to reduce multiple photo size at once without losing quality


How to reduce multiple photo size at once without loosing quality?

 To achieve this navigate to bottom and click the download button. This will open a website that have download link of software that we are going to use. From there you can install the software for completely free. Open the software and drag all the photo’s you want to compress without loosing the quality. This will show a alert saying that do you want overwrite the compressed photo or create a new folder to store the compressed photo’s. Select the option you prefer and all is done. Now all of the those photo’s you dragged to software will have reduced file size and quality will remain same. Isn’t it easy.

This have proven quite useful for bloggers to photographers. Bloggers want a smaller size of image because it will load faster on the web, hence decrease page loading time. Photographers take high quality photo which were going to take a lot of storage. So even if they drag and drop those thousand of photo’s they will save GB’s of storage from their storage devices. While you are here at zaarmtech make sure to check our tutorial on LATEST TRENDS IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY

What’s this software that we are going to use?

JPEG Mini is a handy application for various field users mainly photographers, photo editors, designers those who have daily workflow of images with JPEG formats. The application offers users a tools to minimize or reduce the size of their JPEG file without losing image quality or pixel integrity. Through this way, users can save a ton of space in their drives, memory cards or USB drive. 

Get the smallest picture record size without compromising high-quality or converting your workflow. The best thing about them is that as they are having a desktop application. You don’t need to upload anything to cloud. Its all done natively on your PC. All you need to do is get the Software.

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Features of JPEGmini Pro

  • Simple and easy to use especially with drag and drop.
  • Fastest operations.
  • Compress JPEG formats.
  • Save more hard drive space.
  • Modern wonderful graphical user interface.
  • Support different Cameras.
  • Many modes for optimization.

The license of JPEGmini is valid for lifetime, and offers update for 1 year. As like software’s there are full version for free on sites like GetintoPc . However to support developers I recommend you to purchase it through their website. They have a one time fee of 59 dollar that will give you the full access to the application for lifetime.

Are you a lightroom or photoshop fan?

If you use lightroom or photoshop, you can add their plugin to the software. This way you can perform JPEGmini functions directly from your photoshop or lightroom.

Yes, Its difficult believe, So watch this video of me trying the software

how to reduce multiple photo size at once without loosing quality

There are other software or online tools like this, but if you are planning to get a easy and bulk processing software then I recommend JPEGmini pro for you.

The JPEGmini pro Suite photo Optimization software program is a image resizing utility designed to reduce average file sizes without sacrificing photo nice, resolution, or format. Capable of decreasing your JPEG record sizes through as much as 5x, this tool affords an efficient solution for releasing up hard power space and shortening add instances.

This pro Suite model of JPEGmini utilizes all processing cores for your laptop for faster resizing and exporting performance and may assist JPEG pics as much as 128 megapixels. A plug-in for each Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom is covered, which integrates into your workflow, processing each picture when you export it from either software.

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