What is information technology or IT

Information technology or IT is also known as the Information Service or Management Information Service. Information Technology is defined as the development, design, study, implementation and management of computer related information’s. In the era of 1920s and 1970s, information technology was limited. At that time banking sector, mathematical engineers, and computer scientists only use Informational technology. But now everyone and every organization use informational technology daily. So lets discuss about the importance of IT in business, education and entertainment.

Importance of IT in business, education and entertainment

Nowadays, it is very important to use IT in Business, Education and Entertainment. We can say that every organization use It these days. The reason behind this is because it saves their time and gives you an edge. It allows the organization to work more efficiently and maximize the productivity, which results in a higher profit. Not only the businesses use IT, Education sector also use the information technology. Due to IT, Education has improved over the years. These days students need not to attend school for education. It can be done using online, with or without the teacher. If we heard about entertainment, these days, it will include information technology. All most all activities need information technology in this modern world.

Importance of IT in Business

Even, if your business is small or big, information technology has its important effects on your business operations. It will help you to reach your customers expectation easily. The main role of information technology in business is to provide a faster communication with customers. Customers can get answers to their question through the business website or using the instant messaging. You can order the products you want to buy through online and save a lot of time. Other important effect of information technology in business is the fast shipment option. This option allows customers to get their products delivered quicker by paying some extra cash. This results in getting more income to the business and expanding their business to the world. The advertisement can be easily created and spread over the world through the Information Technology. Information technology also help business to understand and keep records of their cash flow and inventory. They can easily manage and identify the inventory over internet. Same way, senior employees can conduct meeting through online and save their precious time. Furthermore, information technology gives extra security to your business. You can see your employees work in real time and secure your stores with CCTV. This will prevent theft and robbery in business.


Importance of IT in Education    

Information technology also plays important role in education. The teachers use power point slides, instead of using black or white board, to teach the students. This helps students to focus more on what’s teaching, and easily understand and recall things they have studied. Power Point presentations also give you graphic content such as diagram, charts and images. We can access the research of different people in the world, because of information technology. The printed notes, that teachers use are also brought by information technology. Information technology also helps students and administration to keep a record of all students in classrooms. The application such as google classroom help teachers and students in creating, distributing, and grading assignments in a paperless way.  It also enables the file sharing between students and teachers. Students these days did not carry books to school. They use digital books which makes education more fun and easier.

Importance of IT in entertainment            

At the beginning of 2000, new devices which can be used for entertaining was introduced. These devices such as PSP can be used to play game and some devices are like video players, which can be used for watching movies. One of the devices which everyone, used for entertaining is smartphone, which is also introduced in late 1990s. Smartphone can be used for almost all purposes regarding information technology.

I do always believe that information technology is an essential item in todays world. Everything is controlled by information technology. It will surely gives you an edge on everything you do in your life.