How to download torrent file using idm?

How to download torrent file using idm? Many people believe that most file that are not available freely can be download as torrent file for completely free. At the same time also they believe internet download manager is the best download manager. But the problem is that you cant download a torrent file with IDM or internet download manager. But today I will show you a work around to tackle this issue.


To download the .torrent file we are installing bit torrent or uTorrent etc… But these software’s download speed will vary between seeders of the torrent file. If we download a torrent file in internet download manager mean you need not to worry about torrent seeders. Also you can download these in super speed.

To do this you need to download the torrent file from any website. The torrent file will have the extension “.torrent” and will contains all details about the actual data inside the file. After that you need to upload that torrent file to a cloud website So that it will be converting to a regular download. After the website have downloaded the torrent file in minutes, it will give a direct link for you to download. This direct link can be download using IDM or internet download manager.

There are many cloud websites that offer this service. But my personal favorite is

How Are You Protected when using these websites?

They take your privacy very seriously. What they all do is download the torrent file on their super fast servers and give you a direct link to download it. This way you wont need to torrent, you just need to download the file from the download link they offer. You can use these download link to be used in any download manager including internet download manager. These links will have the full speed of the website that you are downloading from. You dont need to worry about seeders or leachers of the torrent file. 

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Top Online torrent downloading Websites

1. Torrent Safe

Torrent Safe is a torrent downloading client. They provide an extra layer of privacy and security to our users.  As most of these websites, they also have pricing packages. But under the free package you can download over 1 GB of file.  With torrent safe you can also sync your downloads in google drive or drobox easily. 


The pricing plan of torrent safe

About TorrentSafe

Torrent Safe is a torrent downloading client. We provide an extra layer of privacy and security to our users. This torrent downloading service requires no registration, we do not track or log your downloads, after the torrent file has passed to the user the torrent is deleted. Using TorrentSafe is easy, simply provide a torrent URL link or a .torrent file that you would like to download and our service will go to work downloading your torrent. In addition to privacy, we use top of the line blazing fast servers with high bandwidth, this allows for greater download speeds than most home ISPs. Go ahead and give it a try, we always welcome feedback and any way we can improve our service, please make your comments in the customer support section

2. ZbigZ

ZBIGZ anonymous torrent cloud client. The easiest and secure way to download torrents. Download torrents securely and easy! TRY in now!

The pricing of Zbig Z

Zbigz also offers free package. They have two different packages for Registered and Un-Registered users. Check it in the below image

The step by step process to download the torrent files using zbigz

  1. Firstly, get the torrent file magnet link or get the .torrent file..
  2. Now, open ZbigZ on your PC.
  3. Open an account by clicking on “Sign Up” button or use Facebook to create your account.
  4. Paste the torrent magnet file link you copied in first step in the white box or drag and drop .torrent file.
  5. Wait for your download button to appear.
  6. Once you see blue colored “Download: button, click it to start the download.
  7. Now you will start your download just like in any file you download from the web.

About ZbigZ

Zbigz is a passage between tremendous information stockpiling (BitTorrent organization) and you. You don’t have to download and explore convoluted programming. It is conceivable however Zbigz has effectively done it for you. Just info your pursuit question or pick what you need from our routinely refreshed list and download it!

Alternative Methods

The above mentioned were the two well-working methods to download torrents file with IDM, However, internet is crawling with other similar websites. You can always search for alternatives of these methods. However these both are the best two websites for this. Yes, I know these both methods have limitation for free plan, but its the best available for now. You can also check the alternative webites I have listed below. They are also very good at helping you download torrent files using IDM for completely free.

  • BoxOpus
  • PutDrive
  • Torrent Handler
  • Torrent2exe