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How to do print merge with photo

How to print merge with photo in coreldraw
How to print merge with photo in coreldraw

What’s Print merge with photo

    If you are a graphics designer, At some point in your life you need to create cards. It might be student cards, staff cards or even another kind of card that contains images / photo’s in it. If you are a corelDraw or Illustrator designer you might be not have option to do photo merge. This tutorial explain how to do print merge with photo. Its 100% Free

How to do print merge with photo / Images

 As explained in the above video, In the latest version of coreldraw, you dont have this feature. For this to work you need to export your artwork in corel draw as eps file. This way the quality of your atwork will be intact. After this you can import your design in adobe Indesign without loosing anything in your artwork. After that perform a simple data merge using indesign. If you have any doubt ensure to comment it below, so we can fix it together.

Simple Print merge in CorelDraw

Tutorial on Print merge Corel 
An Excel document with CSV design (Example: abc.csv) 
Stage 1: Open the Corel draw. Then, at that point explore to File > Print Merge > Create/load Print Merge.
Stage 2: Print Merge Wizard exchange box will be shown. Select “Import text from a document or an ODBC information source”, then, at that point click on Next button. 
Stage 3: Locate the document source, which is the Excel record inside CSV design. Snap on “Peruse” symbol and select the document. 
Make a point to choose the record types as “Comma Separated File (*.csv)” starting from the drop menu close to File name. 
Stage 4: Once you select the document, press Next button. An exchange box will show up inside data from the Excel record. If it’s not too much trouble, twofold check to guarantee you are utilizing the right information. Then, at that point, press Next. 
Another discourse will seem to show all information from the Excel document. Press Next when you wrap up really taking a look at the information. 
Stage 5: Finish the wizard box. 
Stage 6: From Corel Draw screen, you currently can get to Print Merge toolbar as displayed beneath. 
From the toolbar, select the field you need to add to your plan and snap on “Insert Print Merge Field”. The field is then added as a text object (Repeatedly measure with different fields). 
Stage 7: Click on Merge to New Document. You presently can print with your printer with all printing objects allotted on the plate. 



How to print merge with photo in CorelDraw (PAID METHOD)

It is said that E Cut at Macro Monster can do print merge with photo’s. However, Personally I did not try this and I do not recommend this. Why should we pay for a tool like this, when it is already available for free. CorelDraw is a vector designing tool. So it is acceptable to not have this print merge with photo feature. As I mentioned in the above video, you can import CorelDraw design to InDesign and perform the data merge which will contain the image and will be properly displayed on the design.

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Well I cant pay But I am a developer, Can I develop a one like that.

The short and sweet answer is YES. If you are a developer you can develop macro’s that will perform the print merge and display the images. But to make it perfect you need a lot of coding. To be honest it depend on design. If you go to YouTube and searched for macro tutorials in CorelDraw, you will find something to start with. But you might need to adjust the coding a bit so, your macro will perform the print merge in the way you want. If you search the web, you might find some macro, but these macro’s will be most likely outdated. So you need to adjust the code to work it with the version of CorelDraw you are using.

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