Playstore is the best app store of Android. But sometime we face a lot of problems while using playstore. Like it always says that downloading but not downloading…Or unfortunately stopped working… Solution Go to application Manager and search for playstore. After that Clear chache and clear data.Before that remember to close all open apps and forcestop the playstore.At last Restart the device. Advanced Solution This method is for people who had installed custom rom and should know how to install zip file. First install Device hardware info by searching in the web. So you can know which platform you mobile IS. Then goto Gapps official website Gapps Official Website And select download section. So you can now select platform. If ARM is below 8 then select simple ARM and If your arm is above 8 mean you can select Arm64.. Next step is selecting your android version. You can view your android version by going to setting and about device.Then select variant.. When you move mouse near to a particular variant you can see details. If you had problem with playstore means pico is enough..Then download the particular zi file At last you can install the zip file using the custom rom.. Recommendation: Uninstall the current bad playstore If your have any doubt comment below