Why Collaboration Is the Glue That Keeps Your Team Strong

It’s safe to say, teamwork cannot exist if collaboration between team members is not present. Moreover, a business will find it difficult to achieve its goals where there is no unity of vision. This is why collaboration is so vital to a business’s success because it’s the glue that holds everything together in a sense. So, if the teamwork within your company needs a bit of improvement, Zaarm Tech shares how to use collaboration to keep your team strong.

Foster a Culture of Open Communication

Generally, people tend to be shyer and reserved at work. Moreover, they might be more reserved in a workplace setting for fear of being judged about their opinions and views on certain matters. That’s why it’s important to foster a culture where there is open communication between everyone so that team members can not only build more authentic relationships with one another but also, so they feel heard, understood, and appreciated when being candid on work matters that they believe are beneficial to the business.

Encourage Technical Savviness

Indeed, technology is a major part of life these days, and even more so in the workplace where the majority of work is done online. And because technology is advancing at such a rapid rate, it might be best to keep everyone involved and up to speed as possible to avoid valued team members lagging behind. Moreover, including the relevant people where learning new technology is involved is one way to get people more invested in the project, as well as build unity where this may have been absent before. For example, you could offer mentoring programs to those that are interested in enhancing their knowledge. You could also host more employee workshops to encourage the further training of employees in key areas.

Encourage Acceptance of Each Other

Employees don’t always fit the same mold. They might have come from different backgrounds, speak different languages, and will most certainly have traveled different paths in life. This can, therefore, make seeing eye to eye a challenge at times, notwithstanding the workplace politics that are common in an office setting. This is why encouraging team members to be more accepting and open-minded of each other is so vital. Because when disagreements and differences of opinions arise (as they surely will) team members are bound to be more understanding and accepting of each other on good and bad days.

Create Opportunities for Cross-Functional Collaboration

Another way to enhance team participation is by creating opportunities for cross-functional collaboration. Here, it’s about encouraging staff members from different departments to work together to achieve a common goal. For example, rather than just isolating team meetings to include just the marketing department, you could opt to combine the marketing, sales, and finance teams into one to creatively brainstorm solutions and solve challenges together.

Recognize Achievements

If you should ask employees what their main motivations are at work, you’re likely to find a common thread in their answers-to feel validated and recognized for their achievements. From a morale point of view, recognizing achievements and honoring employees for their diligent and often long-standing service is one of the best ways you can encourage employees to continue giving their best. Examples of this could be to include giving out Best Employee of the Month awards, performance bonuses, long-standing service awards, and more.

Collaborative Tools You Should Be Using

Nowadays, promoting teamwork between members couldn’t be any simpler. With project management tools like Trello, Asana, and even Google Suite, sharing and collaborating on ideas has become so much easier with many of these tools allowing collaboration in real-time. What’s more, many of these collaborative tools allow for increased workplace flexibility. And in a day and age where flexibility and work-life balance has become increasingly important, being accommodating to these needs is one way to create a more harmonious work environment for all.

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In summary, collaborating on the work front has certainly progressed in leaps and bounds to get where it is today. It comes as no surprise, either, not when you consider how vital getting along and working together in the workplace is if you want to achieve your goals.

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