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Stylish Text Generator
Stylish Text Generator

An Introduction

Easy writer | Stylish Text Generator is an application that will format the text you type and converts it to a picture to share in social media. Texts generated by this app can be used to gain more attraction than the normal texts that you share on the social media.

Want gain attraction to the posts you share on social media. Use Easy writer to share stylish texts that will gain more views and clicks.

This app also can be used to save notes, so that you can refer them later easily.

The formatting of texts in this app include, font size, font color, background color, spacing and wonderful stylish fonts.

Styling texts in android has been a piece of cake with app.

You can share these texts as texts, image, plain texts or even the formatted text to use in any html styling supported platform.

Why I Created Easy Writer

I have created the easy writer app as an assignment for Mobile Application module in my bachelor of information technology course. We are asked to create an app in java using android studio. There was no specific app, but a app of your choosing. The main requirement was to implement 4 or more features using device api’s.

Technical side of Easy Writer | Stylish Text Generator

This is my first and last app so far that I have build using java and android studio. To be honest, its simple but the only reason why I do not use java and android studio, is because that way I cannot built cross platform apps. But using software such as react native I can built apps that are cross platform, specifically android and ios using same code base.


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February 3, 2022

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