Legendary Marketer VS Freedom Breakthrough Challenge

The legendary marketer and freedom breakthrough are the best online business and affiliate marketing training program out there. I have been enrolled in both of this program and I want to give you my opinion on Legendary Marketer vs Freedom Breakthrough. Before I start, I would like to state that “Both of these programs are very good training program”. But of course one will be better than another.

Overview of Legendary Marketer vs Freedom Breakthrough

The legendary marketer is a 15 day online business challenge where a guy named Dave Sharpe teaches everything from scratch. In this 15 days they teaches about how to start online business, built funnels & generate lead and all. One of the best thing about legendary marketer is they support 1 on 1 support when you join the 15 day business challenge.

The freedom breakthrough challenge is a 3 day course where a guy named Jonathan Montoya teaches everything from scratch for beginners. In this 3 days, he will teach you how to setup the perfect funnel for you to start affiliate marketing. He even gives his own book for you to add your affiliate links and to use it as a lead magnet.

Who is David Sharpe?

Start 15 day online business challenge

David Sharpe is a internet freelance digital marketer who has been featured in Forbes and most importantly he has coached, mentored and worked with thousands of marketers and entrepreneurs. He personally understands their struggles and how to overcome them. He literally went from Park Benches to Park Ave through the Power of Marketing Influence. Not mention that he is a 9th Grade Drop Out Started A Multi-Million Dollar Online Business, From Scratch.

Who is Jonathan Montoya?

Jonathan Montoya is a 7-Figure internet entrepreneur. He is the founder of Passive Income Lifestyles. He is the GO TO coach and Mentor to thousands of people worldwide looking to quit their 9-5 jobs. Jonathan Montoya started making extraordinary online content in the mid-year of 2019, and quit his normal daily work as an electrical specialist by spring of 2020. At the time he has a degree in electrical engineering. His techniques center on publishing on online platforms such as YouTube/TikTok and utilizing that to drive traffic to his 3 day online business challenge. Assuming you need to figure out how to build an email list, create affiliate funnels, and drive free organic traffic to those channels, you should look at his training online course .

What’s covered in Legendary Marketer vs Freedom Breakthrough Challenge?

The course contents of these might change, so that’s why I want to leave a link to a page where you can see all the details of the course. For legendary Marketer you can visit this page, which contains the topics which will be covered in each day of this 15 day challenge. In this 15 days challenge you can buy other products from them like

  • Marketer’s Club
  • Omni-Branding Formula
  • Traffic University
  • Affiliate Marketing eBook
  • Business Blueprints

Again the pricing of these products differs from time to time. The important high ticket product here is business blueprints which as of now costs around $2,500. These are completely optional items they offer in addition to their free email templates, FB ad templates and many other items.

In the freedom breakthrough challenge you get access to the 3 day free training that teaches about the affiliate ecosystem. In this 3 day Jonathan Montoya will build a live affiliate business funnel Infront of you. The best part about this 3 day training is that he will give his book, that you can insert to your own funnels with your affiliate links as a lead magnet. Its all explained in his 3 day challenge.

Once you finish the 3 day challenge (can directly purchase also), you can upgrade to freedom breakthrough challenge 2.0, which covers EVERYTHING IN ONE PLACE for you to start your affiliate marketing. If you want check the modules of this 2.0 course click here.

Which is cheaper – Legendary or Freedom Breakthrough?

The main course fee for Legendary Marketer and Freedom Breakthrough is $7. And to be honest that’s just basic course fee that teaches you all these. That been said, once you are in, They will show you different tools of theirs and others tools or services they use. But all of these are completely optional. If you purchase the freedom breakthrough 2.0, you basically gets everything they offer for a one-time price.

Main problem with Legendary Marketer & Freedom Breakthrough

Both of these program are great, but the problem is that in this 2 courses they built their online business on click funnel. Click funnel is the best program out there, But the problem is that click funnel does not have a free plan. Yes, I know about their 15 day free trial, But what if I could not generate a high ticket sale in that 15 days. Should I pay the $97 every month.

The alternative to this is systeme.io which has a very good free plans with all the features you need to run your business. Even though you can’t import their funnel, you can simply create your own funnel with all those templates in systeme.io. This is what I did when I got started. If you want use systeme.io, click here to signup for completely free.

Which one should I choose?

If you want start affiliate market and if you are serious about this, You can go to freedom breakthrough 2.0 and purchase the whole course. This course covers everything in one place, so you don’t need to go from guru to guru.

That being said, As beginners we all struggle through money. So please check the below table and select the table course you like.

My Budget isYou Can go for
$0Our Free eBook
$7Legendary Marketer
$14Legendary Marketer & 3 Day Challenge
$1500Freedom Breakthrough 2.0
$2500Legendary Marketer Blueprint

Our Free Gift

If you are planning to go for a training program like this, then you should definitely check our free guide on 3 steps to build an online business eBook. In this book we have covered everything you need to know you get started. This book is not a 100 pages long eBook. Its a small guide that contains useful tips and tool that you can use when running your business.