Namaadhu – How I built an app for learning how to pray

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What is namaadhu app?

An Application for kids to learn (praying / namaadhu / Salah) in Islam(dhivehi). This shows steps of (praying / namaadhu / Salah) and what to join prayer if you come late. This application use dhivehi as a main language. This app contains namaadhu kiyaa thakethi( Namaadhuge Zikr) and namaadhuge harakaaithah etc… We have now added digital thasbeehafathi also known as prayer beads to help people count while doing after prayer duas (zikr).

I designed an ad for namaadhu app using Lumion

Every app needs a promotion to start with, otherwise no one will know about it. As namaadhu app being my first app on play store, I was very focused on creating a ad. What better way to create an ad than in lumion. Thanks to my Certificate level 3 in multimedia & web design tutors, even though lumion was not on syllabus, they gave an intro to lumion. With that knowledge and few other youtube tutorial, I was able to create this ad. To add the voice over, I have used adobe premiere pro.

The Development Journey of the Namaadhu App

Cordova / Phonegap

The first version of the app was built with cordova. And later I used the phonegap which is almost as same as cordova. The phonegap is owned by Microsoft and have some additional features. In this, there will be just simple html,css and javascript. The problem is that the app is not native. Its a little slow and basically the app is a web browser. This is why I decided to do the app again from scratch using react native.

React Native

After doing some researches from the internet, I came across react native framework, where I can built apps cross platform using same codebase. I started react native because it was easy to learn as I am familiar with JavaScript. React Native is developed by Facebook, and its very easy to learn

Publishing Namaadhu App to PlayStore

Even though I developed the app when I was 17 Yrs old, I published the app on 2 Jan 2020 when I was 18 Yrs old. I created play console after getting my first visa card. And play console initial payment of $25 was the first online transaction on my first visa card.

Please note that namadhu app is in dhivehi, and designed for muslims to pray.