WooCommerce to FB Marketplace

$ 9.00

This software automates the process of posting your WooCommerce products Facebook Marketplace.

Here is what this software automates in WooCommerce to FB Marketplace Workplace

  • Get your WooCommerce products and ask you which products to post
  • For every product you choosed, it will open chrome and go to Marketplace posting screen
  • Automatically fills Product Name, Price and Description with your Woocomerce these fields

Please note that this software works on only Windows 10 & 11

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Streamline your e-commerce operations with our cutting-edge WooCommerce to FB Marketplace integration. Seamlessly connect your WooCommerce store to Facebook Marketplace, expanding your reach and driving more sales. With our powerful software, you can automate the process of posting to facebook market place with a simple click. Here is how in short our WooCommerce to FB Marketplace software works.
  1. Get the rest api consumer key and secret from your woocomerce setting.
  2. Open our WooCommerce to FB Marketplace and enter the key and other fields there
  3. Click start at bottom right corner
  4. On the screen you should see your products with their id
  5. Remove the unwanted products and paste the product id in the software, when prompt
  6. Now the software will open chrome go to FB Marketplace and automatically fill the fields
  7. Once everything is filled and you have checked, click post and on the software click enter to post your next product
Maximize your online presence, increase visibility, and tap into the vast customer base of Facebook Marketplace with ease. Experience the ultimate e-commerce integration and elevate your business to new heights with WooCommerce to FB Marketplace. This software is compiled to Windows and its tested on Windows 10 & Windows 11. So please chose this software if your running windows. Note: Please note that this software will not sync product descriptions or price once posted. This is a software that automates the workflow when posting your WooCommerce products to Facebook Marketplace Video Tutorial:


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