Telegram to MT5 Bot

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We have the most simple yet effective telegram to mt5 bot. This bot can be run on windows and will take trades based on the signals or messages you receive to your telegram account.

All what you need to do is keep this software running and it will takes automatically when you receive signals (messages) to your telegram group.

This bot supports almost all telegram signals formats.

Automate your trading today

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Unlock the power of Telegram for your MetaTrader 5 (MT5) trading experience with our Telegram to MT5 Bot. Seamlessly connect your trading account with Telegram to take trades automatically when you receive signal to your telegram account from any device. Execute trades directly from your Telegram app with the integration to your MT5 platform. When you recieve the signal to your telegram account, The bot will read that message and take the trade based on it.We care about your Security and Privacy: Rest assured knowing that all communication between Telegram and MT5 is encrypted and secure. Not to mention that all sensitive credentials are stored on your PC locally. With our Telegram to MT5 Integration Bot, you can take your trading experience to the next level by leveraging the convenience and accessibility of Telegram for timely trading information and instant trade execution. Experience the power of seamless integration today! Save all your settings in settings.json file and run the software and see the magic happens.


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