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Want to post to multiple Facebook groups automatically?

Steal my “Facebook Group Poster” software that will allow you post to multiple Facebook Groups without you Joining Those Groups!

Facebook Group Poster

This is the latest version of this software,a Also we will be providing a full video guide for this software, so don’t worry if this is different from the version you saw before.


Post to groups by keywor, without joining groups keyword


Add a delay between each post, so that Facebook won’t treat you as spam


Can attach images to your post


Supports Icons & Fancy Fonts






Guide on how to use the software

Bonus Groups For Facebook Group Poster

BONUS: My Top Favorite 200+ Facebook Group Links

As bonus I will be giving you my 200+ top favorite facebook group links in text file ready to be added to the facebook group poster. These groups are categorized and include categories like fitness, health, technology, online business, affiliate marketing and many more. To post to any of these groups, you are not required to join the group.

Why We Built Facebook Group Poster?

Years back we did a youtube tutorial on how to post to multiple Facebook groups. That video went viral. But after a few months, that software become outdated and stopped working with new browsers.

So we decided to create software that posts to multiple Facebook groups with additional features such as image attachment and delays.

Today We Make a Promise. “We will update this software & add new features as much as possible and we will give the updated version for completely free”. Always keep an eye on your inbox for updates!

Zaarm Tech

Facebook Group Poster Pro

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9 reviews for Facebook Group Poster Pro

  1. Adonis (verified owner)

    it helps a lot the organic growth of any project

  2. thanusanravindirran (verified owner)

    kept using this and felt it deserves to have more attention. This product helped me alot from the time i downloaded. Great job ZARAM TECH! and thank you very much for making such an awesome product

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

  4. Dragan N. (verified owner)

    Works perfectly

  5. Miltiadis Kouvartas (verified owner)

    I’ve purchased this software recently and I’m surprised from the result. Eveyrything works perfectly!!! Congratulations on this excellent program!!!

  6. m m (verified owner)

    Thanks for this wonderful program it’s Worth Every Penny

  7. Stephen Lai (verified owner)

    The software is powerful. You don’t need to search others, it just wastes your time and money.

  8. Liniker Rezende (verified owner)

    Excellent software! works as described

  9. thanu san (verified owner)

    Was really helpful thank you very much

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3 reviews for FREE Facebook Group Poster

  1. Donato P. (verified owner)

    Very interesting software, I will get the PRO version soon.

  2. Eldhose varghese (verified owner)

    Wow… such a great software. I could easily promote my product in multiple facebook groups in easy way. No need to spend lot of time in FB group for individual posting. this software will automatically do everything for you…Highly recommended purchase

  3. urlshortener (verified owner)

    Thank you for providing it for completely free

Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Did you know that Facebook groups are one of the free & easiest methods, that has the  highest reach. And you can easily have target the right people with Facebook groups!?

Evolution of our Facebook Group Poster

free facebook group poster

The Version 2 of the Facebook Group Poster. This is basically the first version of the Facebook group poster with a graphical user interface.

Facebook Group Poster Pro V3.5

In Version 3 we added icons support. Also we added the option to add a delay. Other than that we have added an option to clear images and groups file.

Facebook Group Poster

This is the latest version (Version 4) of the Facebook Group Poster. In this version, you can post to groups by keyword (topic) without you having to join groups. Also now you can add fancy fonts to the text area with many icons. Furthermore,the  we have fixed a lot on the backend like speed it posts to any type of Facebook group .

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