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How does this software work?

Step #1: Note down the username of accounts that you want to target

Ok, we know that you might not want to manually write each username one by one. This is why we have added a feature that can get most of anyone’s followers or following emails with a few clicks!

Step #2: Make a backup of extracted usernames!

The reason why we make a backup of usernames files is that, The files we select in the software, will get modified. Meaning once information is extracted or a message is sent, that username will get deleted from the file. This is done because, even for any reason, you can stop and resume from where you left off.

Step #3: Let the software do the work!

Now that everything is ready, go to the “extract user details” or “send message” screen and select the username file that you created earlier. Once you press start, the software will start its job.

BONUS: 10 000 + Usernames

I have already done the hard work and extracted 10,000+ usernames from Instagram over different niches. With this software, You will receive the whole list that is ready to be imported into the software.

In this video training, we will show:


How to create automations


How to send bulk emails


How to land your message in inbox


How to setup different emails as from address


And so much more…

BONUS: Instagram Email Extractor (Worth $15)

Another software called Instagram email extractor, which I am selling for $15, But today, you can get that software as a bonus for completely free, If you purchase this software

Instagram Email Scraper Licensed


This software allows only email extraction.  Basically fewer features than  Instagram Scraper & Sender, But great if you are targeting small accounts that have less than 10K followers.


Don’t freak about the tech side, upon completion of the purchase, I will email you a video tutorial on how to use this, even though the software is pretty straightforward (Very Easy).

BONUS: 10 000+ Scraped User Data

As a great gesture, I have already went ahead and scraped more than 10 000+ users info such as email, phone number, username and many other. With this software you can get your hands on this excel file that contains 10 000+ scraped data


1) Will I get banned by Instagram?

The honest answer is yes, you might get banned by Instagram. But if you are using this software carefully, the chances of getting banned is very low. In this software, you have option to set delays and use spin text features and some other tactics like performing a random action once in a while.

2) What if I got banned by Instagram?

The solution is simple. We have always recommend to use a dummy account with this software. To solve this all you need to do is create a new dummy Instagram account and enter those account credential in the setting section of program. After that restart the software and everything should work fine just like before.

3) Do I need to enter my credentials?

We do not need your credentials specifically. Create a dummy account and enter that in the setting section of the program. The credentials will be stored locally on your PC. But to scrape its better to use a old account than a fresh new account, because Instagram tends to block new accounts sooner, if there was too many actions in a short period of time, just after creating a new account.

For Instagram usernames extracting and sending bulk messages to Instagram users, you are not required to enter credentials in the software. The chrome browser will open and all you need to do is enter the credentials in the browser. But you need to be quick as the browser will give you about 10 seconds to enter your credential and login.

Anyways, Its always recommended to create a dummy Instagram account and enter the credential in the setting section of the software.
4) What if the software does not work?

Its very simple. If it doesn’t work, send a message to our messenger or Instagram. We will help you using a remote software such as TeamViewer or anydesk. If we are unable to solve your problem in 48 hours, we will give you a full refund.

Btw we heard our customer support is great :p

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5) Can I extract only emails from Instagram?

We have common fields such as email, usernme, phone numbers etc… , All you need to do is simply tick the fields you wanted to extract and the software will extract only those fields.

If you are looking to extract only emails from small accounts that have less than 5K followers, we recommend this small tool we created for small accounts email scraping.

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