Professional Cold Email Marketing System

Before We Move Forward

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9 Reasons to go choose this system

Reason #1: No Limitation

Unlike other software, there are no limitation or pricing plans. Use all the features as much as your hosting can handle!

Reason #2: Let us handle technicality

You can focus more on setting your automation, while we handle technical part

Reason #3: Email Scheduling

Schedule your emails or send them right away

Reason #4: Free Support

Even after the service, you can get free support from us for 3 months

Reason #5: Imports from CSV

No manual works, Import your emails from an excel sheet

Reason #6: Email Automation

Create automations based on user’s behaviour

Reason #7: A/B Testing

Set 2 versions of your emails, and see which is working better.

Reason #8: Access Anytime

If you have access to a web browser, you can access the system anytime, anywhere.

Reason #9: You are the boss

It’s open-source software, so you have all the control. 

BONUS: Best Resources On Internet To Master this System

We will provide you with a training videos, Articles and many other learning resources

With this, You will learn:


How to create automations


How to send bulk emails


How to land your message in inbox


How to setup different emails as from address


And so much more…

BONUS 2: I will setup a postal SMTP Mail Server

SMTP is the server that sends emails

Postal SMTP Server


This is completely optional as you will get your hosting SMTP Mail Server.

But if you want a go more professional and have your own postal SMTP server, we got your back. All you need to do is pay a VPS server. Then we will install the VPS on your server for free.

Furthermore, If you want we can setup AWS, SendGrid, Mailgun and Other SMTP server’s If you like.

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