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The Ultimate Guide: Backup and restore drivers


Backup and restore drivers


            Its always important to have a backup of your pc or laptop drivers. We all are always trying to limit our data plan and to spend less. In this article your are going to learn how to backup and restore your drivers. Ensure you can always backup and restore drivers easily.

This will be super helpful when you are about to format your PC for any reason. And also, sometimes you might not have the driver CD or even find the best compatible driver online, that’s the time you need to use this method.

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Why we need to backup and restore drivers.

  • We don’t have time to download all drivers
  • It will impact our data plan.
  • We might not find the suitable driver online.
  • Easy installation in minutes.
  • Restore if anything happens

STEPS: to backup drivers

  1. Download double driver LINK: Double Driver
  2. open double driver and scan your pc for the available driver.
  3. Select the desired drivers to backup
  4. Click the Backup button.
  5. Click restore button to restore the driver
  6. Select the folder that contain the backup
  7. select ok and proceed with installation

Lets see how to backup and restore drivers

A story from my personal experience about driver

In 2021, I started to work as a IT Technician on an organization. During my time, I was tasked to connect a display to a PC using USB TO VGA adapter. As a normal technician, I connected the display using the USB to VGA adapter. However, It was not working. I realized it should have something to do with driver. So I installed the driver from their website. It was a perfect match, but somehow that PC started crashing cannot always go to startup repair screen.

To solve the issue, I had to format the PC. Later I used double driver to copy the driver from another PC which already is connected using the USB to VGA adapter. And finally, It worked fine. So its better to backup the drivers and use it on compatible PC, instead of trying new ones from the internet.

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What if I cant find the driver I need?

This is a common issue for many people. Somehow double driver also did not find the driver you are looking. It’s rare, But it might happen. So let me tell you what you need to do if you ever face a situation like this.

Instead of randomly google searching for driver, you need to care fully identify the manufacture brand and go to their website. Once you reach their website head over to download section which will most probably be under the support section. Once you go their most likely you can enter the model number of the product. This way they will show you the real and updated driver for your PC. It’s not recommended to install drivers from websites that are not original manufactures.

Is there any software that will help me find the drivers?

There are software’s that you can install on your PC and it will search for the driver based on your system hardware specifications. But the downside of these software’s is that they all come with a pricing. Of course, they have a free package, but it wont cover it all. One of the famous software for this is Driver Boosters

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